For more than 50 years, BRK ® and First Alert ® have been the most recognized professional brands of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and combo alarms for multifamily and commercial properties. They are also a trusted supplier of security camera and monitoring equipment to help protect your property. Ideal for entrances, over parking lots, hallways, storage areas, laundry rooms, the pool area, and common areas, this first line of defense can enhance property security, effectively help deter and prevent crime, and assist law enforcement.

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About BRK ®

After founding the company in 1958, business partners Burke (B), Roberts (R), and Kimberline (K) marketed their first commercial smoke detector in 1964. Since then, BRK ® has expanded its innovative lineup to include photoelectric and ionization smoke, carbon monoxide, and combination alarms that can be hardwired, battery powered, or even wirelessly interconnected. The company also supplies wired, wireless, and decoy security cameras designed for residential multifamily and small-business properties.