The showerheads installed on your property directly affect the experience of residents and guests, leaving a lasting impression. Showerheads come in a variety of styles, functions, and finishes. Choose a showerhead that is best for your property, considering water conservation, function, style, finish, and more.

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Many states have low flow showerhead requirements. If not followed, you may be subject to hefty fines. Make sure you are in compliance when making your product selection.

Types of Showerheads

There are two main types of showerheads, fixed and handheld. Choose between single function or multifunction, with various spray patterns.

Fixed Showerheads

  • Are mounted to the shower wall via a shower arm
  • Can be adjusted for height
  • Commonly installed in apartments and hotels

Handheld Showerheads

  • Connect to the wall via flexible hose
  • Have more range of motion
  • Are better for people with mobility issues
  • Are best for rinsing kids, pets, and hard-to-reach places
  • May be ADA compliant

Water-Saving Showerheads

Showering is one area where water can be easily conserved. WaterSense certified showerheads use no more than 2.0 gallons per minute with performance equal to or better than conventional showerheads. Our ideallygreen initiative helps you find water-saving showerheads and faucets easily. Choosing a Watersense certified showerhead will help you save on utility expenses, and serve as a marketing tool to your residents and guests that demonstrates that you care about the future of our nation's water supply.

Shower Spray Types

Whether you have a fixed mounted showerhead or a handheld showerhead, different spray patterns are available and oftentimes adjustable.

  • Single Stream: 1 spray option
  • Adjustable: 2 spray options
  • Multi-Function: 3+ spray option
  • Drenching or Rain: Usually larger in diameter, often hung from the ceiling. Typically has water flow of 2.0GPM or more
  • Aeration Spray: Also called "champagne spray" provides streams of water infused with air
  • Body Sprayers: Additional showerheads, typically installed lower to deliver massaging jets of water to the lower back