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Caulk Buying Guide

Cracks and gaps along baseboards, windows, doors, and ceiling trim need to be properly sealed prior to painting. Caulking gives you a smooth edge and a clean professional look. Our guide can help with application tips and selection of the right caulk.

Airless Paint Sprayer Maintenance

Learning how to take time to properly clean your airless paint sprayer after every use will help keep it in good working condition. Even the best airless paint sprayers will break down without proper care and cleaning.

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Interior Paint Buying Guide

As you plan your next painting project, you want to be sure you select the right paint for your property. Typically, the first thing people like to think about is the interior paint colors and color schemes. However, you also want to get the right finish and primer and have enough paint for the job.

Paint & Supplies

Whatever your next paint project may be, HD Supply has wholesale paint and painting supplies to help you get the job done. We carry interior paint, exterior paint and spray paint. But before you lay down your tarp, make sure your walls or other surfaces are completely prepped. Prepping is crucial for a great finish and to achieve such results you’ll need supplies like sandpaper, painter's caulk and drywall tools to guarantee a smooth finish for all of your patching and repair projects. We offer a wide range of rollers, roller covers, brushes and other specialty paint application tools to cover any surface. When it comes to painting supplies and tools, we have you covered at HD Supply.