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AquaGuard® 8 lb Black Algaecide Remover
Part 117944
Brand AquaGuard
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About this item

  • AquaGuard® Black Algaecide
  • 8 Lb
  • Most Effective To Treat Black Algae
  • Slow Dissolving
  • Highly Concentrated Formula
  • Will Not Raise pH
  • This product is a potent algaecide, which is effective against all algae when used as directed
  • It is especially effective against black algae which appears as spots on the walls and bottom of pools
  • Check pH of water. Adjust pH (if necessary) to a residual of 7.2-7.6 using a reliable test kit and AQUA GUARD™ pH UP (soda ash) or AQUA GUARD™ pH DOWN (dry pool acid)
  • Similarly, check available chlorine and adjust (if necessary) to a residual of 1.0-1.5 ppm using a dry or liquid chlorinating product (AQUA GUARD™ CHLORINATING LIQUID, AQUA GUARD™ ALL-IN-ONE CHLORINATING GRANULES, AQUA GUARD™ SHOCK QUICK or AQUA GUARD™ SUPER SHOCK QUICK)
  • Place one tablespoon of AQUA GUARD™ BLACK ALGAE TREATMENT directly on the black spots (if on the pool bottom). If spots are on the pool walls, place a tablespoon of AQUA GUARD™ BLACK ALGAE TREATMENT on a 6" square cloth, tie and hang from the edge of the pool by the spot
  • Wait 24 to 36 hours. Brush spots off with a wire algae brush and repeat steps until algae free
  • NOTE: Do not allow direct contact of this product on the following pool surfaces: vinyl, metallic, fiberglass, painted or colored plaster. Product will bleach color out.
  • Mfg #20018AGD

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